Flood Dog

Deploying 101 cellular IoT-connected sensor units
across the Toronto Islands.

Starting June 2021

101 Flood Dogs

Flood Dog Co. is a not for profit organization dedicated to designing, building, deploying, and monitoring smart devices to collect ground, surface and lake water levels along the Great Lakes.

Flood Dog is a pilot project entitled 101 Flood Dogs which would deploy 101 cellular IoT-connected sensor units across the Toronto Islands.
The first 42 Flood Dogs will be deployed beginning June, 2021.

The Toronto Islands is a unique ecosystem, and through its diversity represents so many of the varied environments found along the Great Lakes. The location features a variety of spaces including parkland, schools, residential, and light industrial. The Islands offer wetland habitats for many species of birds, as well as other wildlife. Flooding in 2017 and then again in 2019 threatened this delicate biome and effectively closed a valuable city resource.

The 101 Flood Dogs project will start track the data from 42 low-cost sensor devices installed in strategic locations across the Islands every 30 minutes for 12 months. For about one dollar a day per device, they will provide detailed granular water level readings in real time over a secure cellular network. This data will be freely available to government, businesses, educators, researchers, and home owners.

Flood Dog